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My Michigan Summer Bucket List

My Michigan Summer Bucket List

Being an official Michigan resident again, I have so many fun things I want to check off my bucket list! Listed below are my summer editions.


Pyramid Point

Check ✔️ I just recently crossed this bad boy off the list. BEYOND gorgeous, you truly can't describe this view. The hike up wasn't anything too crazy—definitely manageable. There were so many dragonflies up there too! One almost landed on me, as you can see in the second photo below.


Eastern Market

Fresh produce, handmade trinkets, food trucks... I could go on and on. I can't believe I've never been. The next nice Sunday or Tuesday, you best believe I'm hitting this one up.

The Tulip Time Festival

I missed the event in Holland this year, so looks like I'll be saving this for next year! It just looks so gorgeous. Amsterdam was one of my favorite cities on my European vacation a couple years ago, so I would love to relive a little piece of that.

Go to a Show at Fox Theatre

I haven't been to the Fox in forever. I'm old enough to finally appreciate the amazing architecture. 

Visit Leland

This quaint little spot, often called "Fish Town", located close to the tip of the pinky (if you're from MI, you'll get this) is full of history. We drove through it and grabbed lunch, but I would love to stay overnight and explore more.

Traverse City Wineries

I have yet to experience any wineries in Northern Michigan. I've heard Traverse City has the best selection with the best views. This would even be a good one to visit in the fall when all the leaves are changing colors.

Slow Roll

Every Monday evening, Detroiters hop on their bike and pedal through the city. I think this would be such an amazing way to learn the ins and outs of Detroit first hand, passing by all the buildings and historic monuments.

UP Adventures

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, often called the UP for short, is full of so much scenery. In my 25 (ish) years of living in Michigan, I have never even been to the UP. Pictured Rocks and Tahquamenon Falls are first on my list!

Goat Yoga

Not sure how much of a work out this one is, but I'll take any excuse to hang out with baby goats.

Visit Belle Isle

A cute little island located on the Detroit River. It has lots of attractions, like parks, a conservatory and an aquarium. Plus, views and greenery for days.

Revisit Mackinac Island

I haven't been to Mackinac Island since I was a little girl. I want to stay at the Grand Hotel and check out Arch Rock. I love how quaint Mackinac is with no cars, only bicycles. It'd be a good work out too!

Run Through a Sunflower Field

I mean, what a great photo op would this be?! Plus sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower.

Go to a DTE Concert

This is a given. Every summer needs at least one DTE concert, lawn seats and all!

Visit Hitsville

If Beyoncé visits Hitsville, I visit Hitsville. I think it would be cute to do a vintage inspired photoshoot in front of this iconic building.

Dive Deeper Into Detroit's Restaurant Scene

Detroit truly is the comeback city—there are SO many new restaurants, bars and hang outs downtown. I really want to keep trying more and more! I've already knocked a few off my list, but the opportunities are endless.

What's on your bucket list? I'd love to hear them!

xo, Mackenzie




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