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Favorite: Rooftop Bars in Chicago

Favorite: Rooftop Bars in Chicago

Rooftop Szn is here! So I had this whole plan to knock out a bunch of photos and visit all my favorite rooftops in the city last week. I needed to revisit a few for current photos and then check the rest off my bucket list. Of course the weather had other plans... not today, Felicia. I could not deal with that random TWO WEEKS where you could barely see the building next to you due to all the gloom. I mean, it's June. GET IT TOGETHER CHICAGO. On the one nice day last week, I stopped by Cindy's, LondonHouse and Raised Bar. The others are equally noteworthy, but unfortunately I could not squeeze them all in on one day. I'll just have to stop by the rest a different time. Check out my favorites below!


1. Cindy's

Gorgeous views of Millennium Park, the bean and Lake Michigan with all the sail boats. Let me tell you, this place is poppin' at all times! The glass ceilings bring in so much natural light, which really makes it ideal for summer—this is the perfect happy hour spot. Great aesthetic, which is key.


2. Raised Bar

Raised Bar's drinks are honestly a work of art. The view shows breathtaking angles of both directions of the river. They have trendy neon lights, which we already know I'm a huge fan of. Their outdoor seating has fabulous bungalows. You can't lose with Raised Bar.


3. J. Parker

This one stands out from the rest on this list because it's the only one located in Lincoln Park. It's on top of the Lincoln Hotel, and since it's slightly away from downtown, it shows a complete view of the skyscrapers from afar. This is a frequent for me, especially when I lived in Lakeview.

Photo by  @jparkerchicago .

Photo by @jparkerchicago.

4. LondonHouse

Ugh. LondonHouse is probably my favorite on this list if I'm being quite honest with myself. They have super delectable food too. Only thing is, their outdoor seating is slim and they don't take reservations, so you have to make sure you're there before the crowd!


And the three I did not make it to (but will soon!)...

5. Drumbar

Photo by  @drumbarchi .

Photo by @drumbarchi.

6. Roof on the Wit

Photo by  @roofonthewit .

Photo by @roofonthewit.

7. Cerise

Photo by  @ceriserooftop .

Photo by @ceriserooftop.

I don't want to pretend I know what's cool about these three since I haven't been! All about transparency, people. But I've heard amazing things about all three, hence why they made the list.

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