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What I Pack In My Beach Bag

What I Pack In My Beach Bag

Michigan summers are one of a kind. With a different lake at what feels like almost every corner, boating is a major activity for people of all age groups! Whether to catch some rays, relax with a book, or socialize with friends, it's anything short of boring. I'm one of those girls that always has to bring a bag with her to the beach, boat or pool. You have to be prepared!!! I'm fortunate enough to live on a lake, so over the years I've really gotten my beach bag down pat. Listed below are the exact items I pack in my beach bag—specifically, for the boat!



Can't say this enough. Your skin will regret it one day if you don't properly protect yourself from the sun. I do at least SPF 15 everywhere—a spray version is so convenient and light, so you don't feel like you're layering it on too thick and preventing your tan! I use SPF 30 or higher on my face.

Tanning Oil 

Duh. But with a little SPF (I usually use 8 or 4). I like to lather oil on top of my SPF to make sure I get extra bronzed.

Hair Lightening Spray

Everyone wants their hair to have that beachy, sun-kissed look in the summer. Ouai's new Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray works well and smells like coconut. Mmmm. Or use whichever kind floats your boat (see what I did there). Even just old fashioned lemon juice works!


With SPF. Gotta keep the lips protected, too!

A Towel 

This is a necessity, since boat seats can get scorching hot.

A Good Book to Read

Right now I'm reading Crazy Rich Asians. It's hysterical! I cannot wait to see the movie once I finish.

Bluetooth Speaker

As a host, you have to keep the tunes bumping! My boat doesn't have bluetooth capability, so I bring my own so we aren't stuck with the radio.


My eyes are super sensitive to the sun, so sunglasses are a must for me. Trust me, you don't want to be stuck squinting all day. Plus, you gotta complete the outfit!

A Cooler

If you want to be extra like me, bring a Yeti. The coolest cooler on the market (punny). Or just any cooler will do to keep your drinks cold! I always bring water bottles to stay hydrating and I don't know about you guys, but there's nothing worse than taking a sip of warm water. If I'm bringing friends along, we pack our new obsession, Truly's. The blood orange flavor is to die.

Plastic Bags

Pack a couple garbage bags—this is a super important one to remember! If you and your guests are enjoying a few beverages, you'll need a bag to throw all the empties in. If you don't bring one, all the empties will blow away and it's the most annoying thing. Been there, done that.

Water Bowl

I like to bring my pup with me, and he gets sooo hot out there. He runs around and jumps in every second like a lunatic! Dogs have to stay hydrated too so they don't overheat. 

Heartbreaking that boating season is nearing the end... but I can't wait for next season!


xo, Mackenzie


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