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[Layering] In My White Tee

[Layering] In My White Tee

I hope you guys got the reference of this blog post title… *Alexa, play Dem Franchize Boyz*


I love any returning trend from the 90’s, and wearing a t-shirt under a dress is no exception. It’s an easy, yet refreshing way to style a white tee simply by layering it underneath something else. Whether that be a silk slip dress, linen midi dress or a patterned romper, it immediately takes what started out as a boring old t-shirt, to a LOOK, girl. It doesn’t even have to be fancy—it could be Hanes for all I care! The quality doesn’t matter. I got mine from Target for $8 and it’s sooo soft. Like so soft I want to take a nap in it.


Layering a white tee underneath your summer dresses and jumpsuits is also an easy way to carry these pieces over into fall! So you don’t even have to get anything new to try out this trend. And thank God we’re adding layers, because we know I’m always cold.


It’s also a great way to dress down a piece—adding a t-shirt instantly makes an outfit look more casual. I personally prefer plain white tees, but I have seen some people layer vintage band tees underneath. I think this works when your dress or jumpsuit is super plain. All one color, and low cut enough to show the graphic design on the shirt. Maybe down to try.


For my first look, I wore my t-shirt under an olive flared jumpsuit. The jumpsuit I’m wearing from Forever 21 is sold out, but I linked a few similar ones. I paired it with white sneakers to dress it down even further, making it the perfect outfit for fall activities!! This photoshoot was so fun—I went with my photographer friend, Marcus, and a couple girlfriends to Corn Fun Family Farm. They had a gorgeous sunflower field (which was the main reason I wanted to go), pumpkin patch, corn maze and so many other fall themed attractions!


Then for my second outfit, I put a new twist on my white tee. I paired it with a houndstooth dress (found mine on sale at Nordstrom Rack!), black sock booties and a fisherman’s hat. I can’t get enough of this hat you guys, lol. I feel like I only wear it in the fall months, so I try to take FULL advantage. I linked my exact fisherman’s hat and a cheaper version as well.


So there you have it y’all, different ways to rock your white tee!


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