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Styling Track Pants

Styling Track Pants

Hey from my new laptop, guys!! Not gonna lie, it became excruciatingly painful to even attempt to write a blog post—my Macbook from college would freeze legit every 2 seconds, making the process almost unbearable to sit through… now that I’m up and running with some faster equipment, it will be a lot easier to crank out some blog posts for you all, so I’m back ☺️


Remember how leggings became the hottest craze, because it felt like you weren’t even wearing pants?! Say hello to track pants, their new cousin. Track pants are super comfortable because they’re almost like wearing sweat pants, yet give the look of trousers. Which, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE trousers. I’ve also seen a few flared styles, which I would definitely play around with! Or the ones that button all the way up the sides 🤩 Pair them with some heels and you immediately heighten your outfit, making it evening ready. It’s an easy way to bring some street style, athleisure vibes to your look.


Don’t shy away from track pants because you think of them as too sporty—it’s all in what you pair them with! I think they’ve truly made the transition to a staple item this season due to how versatile they are. You can pair them with a moto jacket for some edge, or a pair of sneakers for something more casual. Even mixing in denim would work! I can’t wait to style a more casual look with these before full-blown winter hits.


For this shoot, Marcus and I found the cutest little street in Midtown that had a cobblestone drive. Such European vibes! Right when we saw that we were like THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE SHOT. Super simple, yet made the perfect backdrop.


I got my track pants at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this past summer. I paired it with a black lace camisole, cropped leather jacket and my favorite white booties (PSA: the Joie pair I’m wearing are 54% off on Nordstrom Rack!!! This is unheard of, jump on it!!). Trendy sunglasses completed the whole look (Quay sunnies also on sale!).


I’ve been super into the low pony with some front pieces falling out in the front, curled and wisped away. Would you all be interested in a hairstyle post? Either how I curl my hair, or a specific style! Let me all know on my latest instagram post!

Shop the look:

How would you style track pants?

xo, Mackenzie

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