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My Top Amazon Purchases

My Top Amazon Purchases

I recently read a blog post by Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes on her favorite Amazon purchases of 2018 and got so inspired. I think EVERYONE loves to hear what someone has in their Amazon cart. The opportunities are endless, there’s everything from practical to desirable and it’s on your doorstep in two short days. Instead of doing mine focused on just 2018, I did a general breakdown of my top Amazon purchases ever (also, can I just say how crazy it is to see the number of orders placed dramatically increase each year?). I broke it down in separate categories to make it easier to shop!



Silk pillowcases are such a must— they’re better for your skin and hair, plus they just feel overall nicer.

This fuzzy white blanket. I love everything faux fur, and throw blankets are such a necessity!

I’m a sucker for a good coffee table book. There are so many options, from fashion to home design to hosting to travel to historic to motivational. Ok I’m done.

Velvet hangers. Around two years ago I made the switch to all velvet hangers. It was really time consuming but omg, best decision ever. I promise you this will make all the difference in your life.

This heated blanket. These also make for amazing gifts!

I knew I wanted a bath caddy for reading purposes, and this metal option looks so sleek.

A large shoe rack to keep things organized. No one wants a huge pile of shoes to dig through! Just me? Oh 😂


I think acrylic make up holders make vanities look so well put together. Shop the one I have here.

These organizers can be used for anything, but I also used them for make up and hair related products!

Another make up organization technique— fill any brush holder with beads to help your brushes stand up and not rub all up against each other! The ones I have are here and here.

Muslin wash cloths truly change the face washing game. They’re antibacterial and so easy to throw in the wash. I use these for the balm portion of my double cleanse routine.

This make up brush cleansing mat makes the annoyance of washing your make up brushes so much quicker!

Spa headbands. Seems boujee, and you might look a little ridiculous, but they’re my fav for when I wash my face!


Metal straws. Save the turtles, peeps!!

Endless amounts of cookbooks. A few of my favorites are Magnolia Table, Healthy-ish and Cravings.

Wood cutting boards dry out so quickly, and only having one can sometimes delay your dinner plans! These flexible cutting boards are so convenient and dishwasher safe.

Drying mats for your pots and pans. Looks chicer than those bulky plastic ones if you ask me, and these can just be thrown in the wash!

Water infusers!! I have individual bottles and a big pitcher for hosting.


I used to make fun of my friend Vicki for bringing a travel sized steamer with her on every trip, but then I realized I missed it when she wasn’t around!! You can find them for super cheap and they make de-wrinkling so much easier. Find mine here.

Label maker. I really turned into the organizing queen this summer (or at least tried) and went a little OCD labeling my dad’s whole house. SO satisfying, let me tell you.

I got this UE bluetooth speaker and have been extremely happy with it. Very user friendly.

When I store things, I want to be able to see right into the box so I don’t have to go searching for everything. These clear storage bins were lifesavers while moving.

BOOKS! I can’t even tell you how many books I’ve ordered over the years. A few recent ones have been The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Crazy Rich Asians, and Love and Other Words.

An Amazon Firestick will drastically change your life. Promise. Please stop contributing to the greediness of cable companies and switch over to streaming ASAP.

I got a rolling clothing rack to hang up blog outfits and it’s made it so much easier to visualize! Even if you don’t blog and just have an overflow of clothes, this rack was super affordable and it’s holding up well.

Bluetooth tripod. This has been my holy grail as of late. It’s hard to find people available to help out with blog photos! So recently, I’ve gotten over my fear and embarrassment, and I’ve started using my trusty tripod.

If you have a dog that sheds like I do, and who also loves the car, pet seat covers are do or die.

Conair Fabric Defuzzer— the item I never knew I needed. Get rid of alllll the pilling on sweaters and leggings.

This cooling eye mask has saved me from so many migraines.

What are your favorite Amazon purchases? Drop them in the comments below!! And please let me know if you fall in love with any of the products I mentioned, I love hearing from y’all!


xo, Mackenzie

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