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The Ordinary Review

The Ordinary Review

Hi guyssssss. I know I’ve been keeping you waiting on this review. I’ve just been hardcore testing them out so I can give you my honest answer on if the hype is real or not. So let’s jump right in!


The Ordinary is a brand owned by Deciem. Their whole motto is based on integrity, and bringing FUNCTIONAL beauty at an honorable price. They saw a gap in the market where pure, clinical skincare products sold at a reasonable price were missing.


A few months ago, I bought a handful of The Ordinary’s products off Sephora. Right now, they’re online only, BUT it was just announced they will be sold at Ulta stores this summer! I bought six different products for a total of $50. Yes, you read that right— FIFTY DOLLARS. This brand is soooo ridiculously affordable.


They also have a super easy regimen guide to follow that states which products pair well with others in order to achieve your skincare goals! I got most of the products to follow the aging, dehydration, congestion & texture regimens. Depending on what my skin is craving at the time obvi 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m a complicated girl. My skin is usually very dry to normal in the winter, but in the summer time it can get a bit on the oily side. The results are in below, product by product, determining if I think the minimal price tag shows maximum results.


The products I bought:

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: This product has proven itself to me before any of the others. Truly a holy grail! I’ve already purchased another bottle because I ran through my first one so fast. It’s mostly used to prevent and/or treat blemishes. Price: $5.90.

“Buffet”: This is the most expensive product of theirs that I bought. I love using this in the morning with my favorite vitamin C serum. “Buffet” is a peptide, which pairs well with vitamin C in the AM! It’s just the perfect anti-aging serum. I also use it from time to time at night, paired with the retinoid. Price: $14.80.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: This product is nice to give your skin that little extra boost of hydration. I do have to say though, this is the one I grab the least. When I use this product, it’s usually in the morning paired with “buffet”, or just on it’s own under my SPF! Price: $6.80.

Granactive Retinoid* 2% Emulsion: I was the most skeptical of this one. Normally retinoid’s are super pricey, due to how effective they are for preventing aging. So when I saw this one was under $10, I thought it might be fishy 🤔 BUT I have truly been impressed by every product I’ve tried. They have it in both 2% and 5%— I got the 2% to start out with, so my skin could get comfortable, because retinoid’s can be very drying. You can use it with their rose hip seed oil to help avoid that, though! I personally did not purchase because I have a Mario Badescu version I’m trying to use up first. Once I run out of that, I’ll try The Ordinary’s version! Price: $9.80.

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution: This is niacinamide + zinc’s partner in crime. I really only use this as a spot treatment if I have a break out or feel one coming on. Price: $5.30.

Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%: I love how this one feels once it’s on the face— it makes my skin immediately look and feel SO matte, which I personally love. I always make sure I wear SPF when I use this product. This is for texture irregularities, which tends to be my problem. I RARELY get actual acne, I get those little white bumps that just won’t go away. UGH. This, and the retinoid, definitely help with that! Price: $7.90.

Shop below:

Sooo excited for you guys to try for yourself! Please let me know which products you buy 🙂

xo, Mackenzie

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