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Drunk Elephant Review

Drunk Elephant Review

Hey guys, we’ve got some serious business to talk about. DRUNK ELEPHANT PRODUCTS.

I bought The Littles kit from Sephora back in April, and even with using the products EVERYDAY, most of them are still going strong! Drunk Elephant as a brand is pretty pricey in my eyes, so I wanted to try out their products without committing to the expensive price tag. The kit costs $90 and comes with eight of their best seller’s in a small trial size, PLUS the cutest little pink bag. I actually use it for toiletries while traveling, so it’s definitely put to good use. It’s nice because the material is water resistant, so when you keep your stuff on the counter in the hotel bathroom, if water gets everywhere it protects your products! Anywho, back to the topic at hand.


I was very happy with the kit as a whole. There were only two out of the eight products that I wasn’t super crazy about (explained in detail below!), but everyone’s skin is different so I would not let that steer you away from trying them for yourself.

Drunk Elephant is known for using only the most natural, simple ingredients. It even has the clean certification at Sephora. If you research the brand a little more, you learn about their standards for their own products and their concerns on most ingredients found in a lot of other skincare products. They call these the “suspicious six”, LOL. They’ve zeroed in that these six ingredients root back to all major skin problems. Pretty amazing!


Most products are anti-aging related, which should be EVERYONE’s priority, no matter your age! Ok, maybe if you’re like 12 or something you can slow your roll 🤪 But I started using anti-aging products in my early 20’s—it’s better to prevent than try to reverse!

My absolute favorites BY FAR out of the package were the eye serum and facial oil. These are my new CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT products! Below I highlight every product, and my personal opinion on if they’re worth the splurge.


Would I purchase full size?

Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser: maybe! This was the first of all the products I ran out of. I loved how smooth it made my face feel post cleanse, and I feel like it would be perfect for my second cleanse after using the Clinique balm (I started the double cleanse routine after I had already ran out of this, so I def want to test that out).

Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30: no. To be honest, it just felt like a basic sunscreen to me. At that point I’ll just buy Neutrogena or Aveeno.

Shaba Complex Eye Serum: YES. I love everything about this. Most eye serums are more of a liquid consistency, but this one was creamier. I loved the change of pace.

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil: YES. This is an absolute must. The best facial oil I have ever used.

TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum: most likely. I found myself only being able to use this a couple times a week, since it’s so strong. That also prohibits which products you can pair it with (no retinol), so I found myself reaching for it less. Which side note, the kit includes a pamphlet that tells you when to use each product and what to pair it with. Bonus!

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum: most likely as well. This is another one I’ve run out of. I don’t have any moisturizers with a texture like this one, so I’d like to have the option to switch it up when my skin is craving a lighter moisturizer.

Lala Retro Whipped Cream: no. According to Dr. Dennis Gross, this product contains acne causing ingredients. You can find that full list here. I don’t even risk that shit for a second! Like I said though, everyone’s skin is different, so this product may work for you—I just didn’t want to take the chance.

C-Firma Day Serum: no, this contains acne causing ingredients as well, so I no longer use this.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope this review helps 🖤click to shop below.

xo, Mackenzie

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