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Quarterly Book Review: Jan-Mar

Quarterly Book Review: Jan-Mar

If you know me, you know I’ve been an avid reader my wholeeee life. Reading is honestly my biggest hobby. If you’re in your mid to late 20’s and you still feel like you quote on quote “don’t like reading”, I’m here to tell you that you’re reading the wrong books. There is something out there for EVERYONE, you just have to find your favorites!


I personally don’t discriminate. I love basically all genres, from fiction to non-fiction, thriller to romance, self-help to business reads. A monthly book review would be way too hard to keep up with, as some months I may not finish reading any at all if I’m too busy, so I thought four times a year would be good middle ground.

I set a goal for myself on GoodReads to read one book a month, and wow am I surpassing that. I’m off to an amazing start! I usually don’t find this much time to read, but I think it’s because the majority of the books below I haven’t been able to put down. Here’s what I’ve read since January:

  1. Crazy Rich Asians— I finished up the last book, Rich People Problems, this January! I thought the series as a whole was amazing. Such a guilty pleasure. It truly reminded me of an Asian version of Gossip Girl.

  2. Go Set a Watchman. I’ve had this classic on my book shelf for some time. I kept putting it off because in my mind, I thought there were much more entertaining options. But I ended up loving it! It’s written by the same author that wrote To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee), and contains all the same characters as they’re now grown up. It really brought me back to reading the novel in high school.

  3. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was incredibly sad, so beware. The novel is set during the Holocaust, and is written from the perspective of a nine year old boy. I thought the author did an outstanding job making that come to life. You could just hear the naivety in every word written. I find reading about the Holocaust so interesting! They’re always so heart wrenching, too.

  4. I have been a loyal reader of the Stephanie Plum Series since high school— the two recent sequels I read were Turbo Twenty-Three and Hardcore Twenty-Four. These are superrrr quick reads. I do have to say that reading these back to back was a bit repetitive. It made me realize how similar each novel is. Definitely need to take a break in between to truly appreciate it.

  5. John Green does it again with Turtles All The Way Down. He also wrote The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, and a few others. This is about the struggles and tribulations of someone with anxiety, specifically a teenager in this novels case. I think it SO accurately depicts the brain of an anxious person, and how completely out of their control it is.

  6. I’m currently reading The Devil Wears Prada. I’m thiiiiiis close to finishing. It’s the novel that’s based on the Meryl Streep/Anne Hathaway movie. There’s a lot of differences, though! Not going to lie, it’s been a little difficult to get through. Very slow in the beginning, and I’m not the biggest fan of the authors writing style. Of course upon buying this book, I bought the rest of the series as well 😑 so hopefully I get a change of heart, because I have to finish all of them!!

You can shop the books through the links below, or check them out on my Amazon Storefront page! If you want to keep up with all my reads, you can find me on GoodReads with the username modishlymackenzie.

What are you currently reading? Comment below!

xo, Mackenzie

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