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And The Oscar Goes To...

And The Oscar Goes To...

I have had this post planned exactly a year in the making. Last award season, it was when I had JUST started my blog, and by the time I thought of this idea I did not have time to properly execute it 😩 I had the thought in my head of dressing for a ‘mock’ red carpet, going to see one of the nominated movies looking all boujee, hahah. With popcorn as my prop of course! Every year after the nominees are announced, I always binge going to the movie theater and seeing all those I have yet to see. So this year was no different! Below are the ones I saw, and a brief overview on what I thought of them.


It’s safe to say Bohemian Rhapsody blew me away. It has now made me a bandwagon Queen fan, so much so that I bought a band tee and already own the movie 😂 Rami Malek’s acting was truly outstanding— watching old videos of Freddie Mercury perform, you can totally see how spot on he nailed it. Freddie was such an interesting human being. I hope someone comes out with an up to date, in-depth documentary on his life (looking at you, Netflix).

Green Book really tugged at my heart strings. Multiple times throughout the movie I found myself “awww-ing” out loud at the beautiful friendship the two main characters grew into. It’s set during the 60’s, when segregation was still very much a thing. The power dynamic was opposite of how it was during that era, which was refreshing— a white male playing chauffeur for an African American doctor/musician. There are definitely sad parts in the movie as well.

I’m seeing a musical theme here…A Star Is Born is next. The songs in this movie will all be sure to become classics for me. Lady Gaga really proved herself as an actress in this film. But I do have to say, probably against popular opinion, that I feel like Bradley Cooper outshined her. Who knew he could sing? Rumor has it he had months of voice lessons, and it just shows how he can work hard to adapt to the role of any character, and that’s what where true talent lies. It’s going to be so hard to choose Best Actor, because all three of these so far are beyond deserving. Also, lil’ comical piece of information, I cried at the end and my mascara got EVERYWHEREEEEE. In theaters. It was so embarrassing.


If Beale Street Could Talk had a really cute overall message, but I do think it could’ve been executed better. Just felt it was a little slow at times, and too many awkward silences. The couple had amazing chemistry, but the girlfriend’s personality was kind of boring to me. It had great background music, though!! I’m always a sucker for that, lol.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so interested in learning about the history of politics. I love myself some Scandal and House of Cards, too. It’s just insane to see inside that world. So Vice was no different. The make up crew deserves all the awards, though. They did a phenomenal job on bringing Dick Cheney’s character to life. Like, you wouldn’t even recognize Christian Bale. He played Cheney throughout his whole life, and the fact that they could disguise his true age that well and make it look SO authentic was amazing. Same with Amy Adams! The subtle details in her aging over the course of the movie did not go unnoticed. Also thought the film title, Vice, was super creative because Cheney was the Vice President and the dictionary definition of vice is a moral corruption (which there was a ton of in the film).

I feel like The Wife is having such a moment because of the feminism trend right now. It’s about the sacrifices the wife, Glenn Close (she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress so TBD if she’ll win the Oscar too!), makes during her husbands literary career. That’s all I can really say without giving it away, but I’ll say that what comes out near the end is wild!


Can You Ever Forgive Me? is not Melissa McCarthy’s typical role. She’s always in comedies, but this most definitely wasn’t a comedy. It’s also based on a true story! It didn’t stick out to me as award worthy, tbh.

You could just feel the magic in Mary Poppins Returns. The visual effects, animation and production were so well done. No one can replace Julie Andrews, though. Btw, I don’t know why I still love Disney remakes/animated movies so much 😂 #kidatheart. Or any movie with singing!!

My outfit info is linked below! The fur stole I’m wearing was my grandmother’s, and even has her initials embroidered on the inside 🖤 it’s super sentimental to me. I tried my best to find a copycat version.


Out of all these, my favorites have to be A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book and Vice. Stay tuned for next years!

xo, Mackenzie

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