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Why I Love Laser Hair Removal

Why I Love Laser Hair Removal

I’m one of laser hair removals biggest advocates, I swear 🤪 I started my laser journey around four years ago, and back then I started out small. Now I have my whole body lasered, practically! Ok not really, only the obvious places that girls typically shave. I don’t want any hair on me besides my head 🙅🏼‍♀️ (and I guess my eye brows and lashes LOL). The areas I’ve focused on are bikini, under arms and I’m now in the process of doing my legs. I’m just so lazy and hate shaving! It is the most convenient thing of life, I promise you. At my most recent appointment, I sat down with Azi, my technician, to have her answer all your guys’ questions! I love her because she really personalizes each clients experience. She will ALWAYS be the one doing the treatment, unlike how some offices’ have a different person each time.


First and foremost, the most frequently asked question…

Q: Does it hurt?

A: In my personal opinion, it does not hurt at all. I do have a semi-high pain tolerance, which is shocking lolol, but I barely even feel it. It’s kind of like how we get used to plucking our eye brows. A lot of places will even ice you beforehand, or you can request it (which IMO is the most painful part!! Feels like you have frost bite, but it does make you completely numb). The best way I can describe it is just like a quick, warm sting.

Q: Can you be in the sun?

A: It’s best to avoid the sun when you’re going through a laser treatment. If you can’t avoid it, make sure to load up on SPF at all times! It’s a bigger problem if you come to get treatment AFTER you’ve gotten super tan, whereas if you do it before a vacation where you know you will get some sun, it’s more doable.

Q: Can you use self tanner before?

A: Beforehand, you should not. Darkening your skin tone, whether it be by the sun, spray tan or self tanner, confuses the laser. You can get one 24 hours afterwards, though!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Depending on which facility you go to, what city you live in, and what area of the body you’re focusing on, laser can cost thousands of dollars 😳 thankfully as technology has progressed and the service has become more popular, it’s rare to spend that much. My girl at Bravo Touch is willing to give anyone who mentions my name a special price for a package of six treatments— $100 for a small area, $150 for a medium, or $250 for a large area. I will leave more info on location at the bottom.

Q: How often?

A: Every 4-8 weeks. When you first start out, you go every 4 weeks, but as the hair cycle progresses, you space it out further and further.

Q: Does it work on dark hair?

A: It actually works best on dark hair. Darker hair with fair to medium skin tones see the best results, because the laser can differentiate the color of the hair from the pigment of the skin. Those with light skin and light hair, or dark skin and dark hair, have a harder time seeing results because the laser confuses the hair and skin (that’s why it’s not good to be in the sun or use tanner beforehand!).

Q: Does it work on coarse hair?

A: Yes! It actually works best on coarse hair. The laser treatment will make the hair finer over time.

Q: Will my hair be permanently gone forever?

A: Yes and no. For the most part, yes, but you should do “touch ups” 2-3 times a year, just to really make sure the hair follicle has been destroyed. Sometimes, certain ones may just be damaged, so overtime they can repair themselves.

Q: How long until you see results?

A: Honestly, almost immediately! At first it will seem thinner, then grow back patchy, and after the third or fourth session you see an EXTREME difference.

Q: How many sessions?

A: Every person’s body is different, but on average you need 6-12 sessions. Some may need more, some less!

If you’re interested in getting a laser treatment at a high discount, visit Azi at Bravo Touch in West Bloomfield! She’s amazing. Mention Mackenzie to get the special pricing— the location I go to is 5755 Maple, West Bloomfield, 48322.

xo, Mackenzie

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